IOGA is a diverse group of backyard and market gardeners who use ecologically savvy methods to grow safe food and naturally beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs.

We encourage each other to use earth friendly pest and disease controls and fertilizers, and to use organic methods such as composting to build and nourish the soil.

Members and friends gather at quarterly meetings on the 3rd Saturdays of January, April, July, and October at various locations around the state. We come together to share facts, tips, and techniques, as well as seeds, plants, flowers and produce when available.

Meetings are preceded by a “what works – what doesn’t” Q & A period, a short business meeting, a pitch-in lunch, and an educational program and/or organic garden or farm tour. Guests are always welcome!

Our Goal: to educate ourselves and others in the reasons for and methods of environmentally friendly gardening, and to encourage the reduction of chemical dependency in gardens, lawns and farms.

What is the organic movement?
The organic movement promotes the growing of natural, uncontaminated foods by means that are alternatives to the mass of toxic chemicals used in agriculture, gardening, and lawn care. It also endeavors to protect the earth’s resources including soils, rivers, and lakes, which are harmed by the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and by the misuse of precious water.

Why use organic methods?
Because we all want to have access to untainted nutritious foods, and because we want to preserve and protect the earth’s resources and habitats.

What are some organic techniques?
Organic methods focus on building the structure of the soil, and on using nontoxic, ecologically sound methods of pest, disease and weed control. Other techniques include composting, organic fertilizers, mulching, planting green manure cover crops, companion planting, and creating an environment that attracts natural insect predators.

Who We Are
President: Doug Rohde
V-President: Margaret Smith
Secretary: Judy Houser
Treasurer: Larry Bills
Editor: Judy Houser

IOGA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was originally established in the late 1960s.