Organic Yard Care Tips

Cut out the chemicals and have a safe yard for you, children and pets.  Earth healthy tips for organic yard care!

It’s EASY, and Spring is the time to get your yard in shape!

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Backyard Composting

Composting is the natural process of breaking down organic materials into a soil-like
material. Compost added to soil improves soil structure, and adds nutrients needed for
healthy plant growth.
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Gardening With Nature

A Simple Approach to Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening – Why…and How?
Isn’t it easier to grow plants if you use chemicals?
No bugs? Fewer diseases and fungi?
No holes in those leaves? The perfect landscape!
Unfortunately, this kind of perfection comes at a price: to you, your children,
your pets and the living things that share this space with you….

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